The Money Services Business Association Announces New Board Chairman and Officers


Paul Dwyer

The Money Services Business Association (MSBA) – a trade association focusing on the non-bank money services industry – named Viamericas Corporation CEO Paul Dwyer as its new Chairman of the Board, succeeding Alberto Laureano, CEO of Barri Financial Group LLC. The MSBA also announced the election of Aurora Garza-Hagan as its new Treasurer, succeeding John Ricci, and Nicole Ibbotson as the MSBA's first Secretary as well as three new members to its Board.

"I am very thankful to Alberto for all of his hard work to establish and create a solid foundation for us to build upon," said Paul Dwyer, newly elected Chairman of the MSBA. "On behalf of the Board of the MSBA, we are looking forward to working with our members, the various regulatory agencies that supervise our members' businesses, with member and non-member banks, with banking regulatory agencies in the United States and abroad, and with legislative authorities. The individual customers that the MSBA's members serve have a right to the kind of efficient, transparent and licensed services that our members provide. I am committed to ensuring that the MSBA helps lead the effort to ensure that customers get fair, safe and compliant service, and that the industry constantly seeks to team with regulators, banks, law enforcement and consumer advocates to ensure that threats to the efficiency, integrity and reputation of the industry – from unlicensed operators to unjustified adverse direct and indirect regulation – receive the full attention they deserve. All stakeholders with an interest in ensuring the continued provision of excellent and compliant service to consumers can find common ground, and the MSBA will play an active role in making that happen."

As incoming Chairman of the Board, Dwyer will continue to work with the Board and its members to increase the awareness of the critical services provided by the non-bank financial services industry, to encourage continuous safe innovation and to improve the environment for the provision of banking services to the money services business industry.

Paul S. Dwyer, Jr. is a co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Viamericas Corporation. Dwyer has been actively involved in the Money Transmission Industry since 2000. Prior to co-founding Viamericas he was a partner at the law firm Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering.

Aurora Garza-Hagan, is the CEO of BBVA Transfer Services, Inc. and prior to her current position was Chief Financial Officer.

Nicole Ibbotson, is a Senior Vice President and General Counsel at InComm Financial Services, Inc. She oversees legal and regulatory matters for Incomm's financial services programs globally.

The MSBA also elected three new members to the Board.

  • Jorge Raull, CEO of Transnetwork Corp.
  • Ran Grushkowsky, Co-Founder and CEO of WireCash
  • Fernando Fayzano, CEO of Pontual Money Transfer

For additional information on the Association and becoming a member, please visit:

About the MSBA

The Money Services Business Association or MSBA is a trade association focused on the non-bank money services industry, including licensed money transmitters their agents/authorized delegates, payment card issuers and distributors, payment processors, international remittance companies, bill payment companies, mobile payment application providers, payment aggregators, virtual currency exchanges and administrators, eWallet providers and other similar money services providers that are engaged in payments.

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